2003 Paul Radelat
  • Hi, my name is Paul Radelat and welcome to writing melody using melodic words. I've designed this to be a self-paced course using a different approach to write melody. Here, melody is portrayed as groups of notes, the words, and by putting the words together, you come up with a melody.
  • The most important aspect of this course is that you dont need to read music. All exercises are illustrated using an animated keyboard which plays the musical example for you. Some will have musical notation as well. To see an example click here. To see whole song written from beginning to end, click here.
  • This is a modular approach to writing melody, making it a more tangible process. Think of it as melodic Legos. By using already existing small melodic statements, it is easier to create a musical sentence consisting of 4 to 8 bars.
  • The purpose of this course is to present these materials in such a way that categorizes the melodic words and gives you a logic for putting them together easily. All exercises are based on 2 or 3 chords. Once you get the hang of melodic words, youll be amazed at what great melodies you can write using just using 2 or 3 chords.